It’s your BIRTHRIGHT to create a joyful livelihood
that you delight in waking up to… but not necessarily your destiny.

Will you claim your birthright to be paid WELL in the giving of your innate gifts to the world?
 “The World will be saved by the
Western Woman”
~The Dalai Lama, Vancouver Peace Summit, 2009

What if you being YOU was exactly the transformation your future clients are asking for?
Let us help you clarify your business direction, master client enrollment, get your message out there… and create financial sustainability, so we may collectively be the women the Dalai Lama is speaking of!

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Recent News from the Blog

Is your transformation painful?

If you are birthing a business, you’ve probably found that aspects of the transformation you’re going through are painful.I get it. My business and my transformation have left me sobbing many times. You’re giving birth. You can’t get the “baby out” without labor pains, contractions, and learning a new way of life in order to take care of this new being. You probably know I was going through a painful divorce when I started my business. I left a marriage that was safe, secure and inside my comfort zone, but not supporting me to become my best self. Leaving Eric was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. The wailing sobs that came out of my body at times were prehistoric. And then, … Continue reading

Your Most Essential Marketing Tool

In a time where “internet overload” boggles our brains, there exists a simple marketing tool that will bring your divine right clients to you every time. It doesn’t require highly complex SEO optimization or advanced HTML code… and the best thing? It’s totally free. It’s your story. That’s right, a life story chosen from your experiences, told with vulnerability and credibility is the best tool you have for attracting your ideal clients. Here’s the thing… content tells but stories sell. Your story is the thing that will cut through to the hearts of your potential clients, and beckon them to invest in themselves through your program or services. How do you decide what story to tell? Here’s how I do it… consider the biggest fear … Continue reading

What to do when a client complains

If you serve clients LONG enough and serve ENOUGH clients, you WILL stumble upon an unhappy or complaining client. You can’t please everyone. And, I’ll never forget when it first happened to me several years ago. I lost sleep, got sick to my stomach, and almost quit coaching over a client who blamed me for what was going wrong in her life. Finally, I called a friend in panic, “What do I do?” I asked her. She shared a couple of tips that led me to having a huge breakthrough with this client that changed both of our lives and upleveled my coaching forever, and I want to share them with you. And at the end, I’ll tell you what happened with my very angry … Continue reading