Client Raves

I’ve created a 6-figure income, grew my list to over 7000 and filled my group program…

Sage helped me launch a virtual event to grow my community, hone my message & discover the elements that make people request a free session with me, which leads to paying clients.  I’m now combining my mojo-building with smart marketing, reaching thousands of people and created a 6-figure income.

— Natalie Hill

​I’ve doubled my income & filled my practice…

​​Sage’s business guidance comes straight from her heart, and thanks to her mentorship I’ve doubled my income & filled my practice, because I now have skills and clarity of message to reach clients without them feeling like I’m selling anything… using the soul of my story I now offer entrepreneurs a bridge to walk over into the transformation they seek… I’m drinking in the feeling of being totally on purpose in my work.

— ​​Sirena Andrea

​I’ve enrolled 11 new clients and added over 1600 yoga entrepreneurs to my list…

​Before working with Sage, I was struggling to make enough money in my yoga business and quite frankly I was scared. Sage helped to change all that for me! The love and support Sage offers is powerful and impactful – I have over 2000 yoga entrepreneurs on my list, I’m filling group programs, enrolling private clients & finally making the difference I’ve been waiting to make for years!!”

— ​Rebecca Snowball

HOLY MOLEY! I just sold my first VIP client yearlong package for $4,800!!

What a beautiful commitment and proof from the universe I’m on the right track! If I had stayed at my cleaning job the last few months I would have only made $2,400 for ten times the work. BAM!!!! Watch out world; I am becoming a gigantic freaking love ball of sharing my gifts!

— Leah Spinrad

The skills I’ve learned from Sage have made me tens of thousands of dollars and the best part is that I’m playing a MUCH bigger game…

When I first started working with Sage, I didn’t even know how to describe what I did. I had so many passions and didn’t have a clue how to market my healing work in a way that felt in integrity and also enrolled new clients. In my first two months working with her, I enrolled 5 new clients into an 8 week program and made $5,000 from 1 workshop.

— Dabney Alix,

I’m now attracting amazing people…

who were the exact right fit for my company’s services, and are more than happy to pay for them.

When I first came into Sage’s practice to receive coaching, I was very much in alignment with my passions, but was really struggling financially. The energetic shifts around money, and valuing my unique contribution, that Sage facilitated me through, changed my life and business. Within a very short time I went from judgements about money, and thus not having much of it, to attracting more than enough people who are happily paying for our services.

— Nicole Young

If you’re ready to host a Telesummit, this training is worth every penny — many times over!

As a coach for the past 15 years, I’m sooooo picky about who I choose to learn from! They have to be masterful, warm, giving, aligned with Source, and a true subject matter expert. Sage Lavine absolutely fits every one of these. Sage’s telesummit training packed in so much valuable information, I added over 3000 people to my online WholeSpeak Summit and I’m having a blast. I simply wouldn’t even consider recommending hosting a telesummit without taking Sage’s course complete with a community of movers and shakers – worth the price of admission alone. Sage breaks it down step-by-step, with a deeply conscious approach. If you’re ready to go for it, it’s worth every penny – many times over!

— Jonathan Bender, The Authentic Entrepreneur Speaker Series

Sage’s training taught me to launch my “Evolutionary Biz Basics for “Non-BizMinded” World Changers summit…

which drew in nearly 1500 participants from all over the world. Thanks to Sage, I am now running my dream business and accessing a power I didn’t know I had.

— Leela Somaya, Evolutionary Biz Basics

Photo of Michelle Melendez

I feel SO much more confident…

Sage’s Telesummit Training Program added thousands of people to my community in LESS THAN A MONTH and enrolled dozens of people into my group program. I feel SO much more confident both in my online marketing and as a speaker thanks to Sage… I’m built to be doing this!!!

— Michelle Melendez, Women Getting Fit Wellness Teleseries

My Business is on the Map!

My telesummit added over 4000 people to my mailing list in just a month. My business is on the map – and what a gift to interview all these amazing Visionaries. Sage made putting my own telesummit together so straightforward & easy. All I had to do is put one foot in front of the other. Sage took us through processes to overcome fears we have to stepping up in this way. I highly recommend Sage if you want massive results!!

— Sharon Crawford, Spiritual Path to Money

I enrolled 11 new clients & grew my mailing list to 2000…

The Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy and women in it have been the wind beneath my wings in a way I didn’t know was possible but craved as an entrepreneur. I’m enrolling new coaching clients, created a smokin’ signature talk & launched an online program with 20 participants… I feel better about my business than I ever have, I LOVE my divine right clients – I’m making the contribution I’m meant to be making!

— Tara Butler,

I’ve filled two Dreammaker workshops and sold three VIP coaching packages…

Thanks to the Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy, I have finally been able to find clients & express my gifts with fun & ease!! My workshops & coaching packages brought in nearly $8K in extra income & I’m booking potential clients for discovery sessions every month…. And, I’m confident that I will be able to become the full time entrepreneur I have been longing to be, because now I have the tools, the support and the confidence to do it. If you are thinking of joining Sage Lavines Entrepreneurial Leadership program I just want to say: Do it! It will give you more than I can describe and more than you can imagine.

— Kirsi Wahlstrom,

My baby steps have become quantum leaps! I’ve grown my local entrepreneur group to 50 women…

I’m a single mom growing my second business, and thanks to the Entrepreneurial Leadership Program I’ve had the tools to grow my local Femme Entrepreneur group to 50 women, create my first two marketable programs, double my income, present 5 workshops, and enroll my first 4 paying coaching clients — I also had my first $9200 month … I look back in awe as I notice how my baby steps have become quantum leaps!

— Laura Haykel, Mompreneur,

Sage helped me translate my gift into practical tools…

Before I joined this program, I had a sense of what I wanted to share with the world, but I felt stuck in a boat with no paddle. Throughout the program, Sage continually pulled out her magic secret decoder ring of marketing and business, and translated my gift into simple practical tools that have helped me start an online talk show and enroll recurring clients, I have 5 new clients who are purchasing packages at my top level. I know with these tools I can go on to institute any program in my business that’s important to me and be successful with it.

— Melanie Clampit,