Our Philosophy

We believe entrepreneurship is about being a creative channel, rather than a slave to to-do lists and linear thinking. We believe in getting paid for our being and not our doing. We train women entrepreneurs and great heartfelt men to enter into deep connection and co-creativity, both with Spirit and other entrepreneurs. This is what opens doors, brings lasting and sustainable income, clients, adventure, relationships, fulfillment & success.

What would it take to open to ease and grace in the creation of money in your life?

What if you spent your days with people you adore, who paid you profusely for your gifts from a place of you just showing up to be YOU?

We believe it’s time for us as women to move from the realm of goal setting and accomplishments into fulfilling our destiny using a spiritual, feminine approach to entrepreneurship.

We believe in giving back. When women have a cause greater than themselves to be a true contribution, both to humanitarian efforts and their clients, their vision becomes greater than their fear and the resistance loses its grip.

Then, we can access resources in ourselves to generate more and show up to be an even greater contribution. The Dalai Lama said the world would be saved by the Western Woman. He didn’t mean me or you, he meant all of us. Let’s create world change together as businesswomen while we live the lives our grandmothers dreamt of living.